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Futon, the better bed. The affordable, portable sofa-sleeper Our goal is to offer quality futons, frames and bedding that meet your goal. From guest room to cabin, dorm room to living room.

Futon mattresses provide a good sit during the day. Much more comfortable to sleep on than a traditional sofa-sleeper They're good for platform beds too.

Futon, a sofa-sleeper you can change with the season, fashion or your mood.

strata, wallhuggers

night and day, shoe fittings

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Solstice Solstice
shoe fittings for easy conversion and assembly


platform beds, day beds, murphy bed



 strata antero

n&d solstice

when you're in a tight spot - a stylish space saver

kodiak day bed

kodiak day bed

futons: fiber, foam, coil, green, economy, brick & mortar only

save price of cover with ticking from kodiak

wolf aerolife

otis high tech

the futon shop
chemical free with wool

$169 full
black twill ticking

kodiak $179 suede
fabric ticking

kodiak $279 decorator
fabric ticking

covers for futons, pillows, bolsters,  custom cushions

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clearance - take advantage of really good deals as we make room for new chemical free futons from The Futon Shop

from The Futon Shop
Organic Cotton
2 left full reg $581
 $388    to   8th 
 $358    to 15th 
  $299    to 22nd 
 $249    to 31st 
 100% organic cotton

from The Futon Shop
Perfect Comfort
1 left full reg $766
 $511    to   8th 
 $473    to 15th 
 $399   to 22nd 
 $349   to 31st 
cotton,wool,soy foam

from The Futon Shop
Natural Rest
1 left full reg $602

 $402    to   8th 
 $371    to 15th 
 $329    to 22nd 
 $269    to 31st 
 cotton,soy foam

from The Futon Shop
Natural Coil
3 left full reg $1299

 $866    to   8th 
 $801    to 15th 
 $699    to 22nd 
 $599   to 31st 

from The Futon Shop
Viscose Deluxe
1 left full reg $826
 $551    to   8th 
 $510    to 15th 
 $399    to 22nd 
$349     to 31st  
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from The Futon Shop
Viscose Supreme
1 left qu reg $1084
 $729    to   8th 
 $669    to 15th 
 $499    to 22nd 
 $425    to 22nd 
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